I’m still laughing my ass off about the calls I had hours ago at work.

1. I wasn’t paying attention and hit an answering machine, and when it beeped to record a message, I went “hm hm hmm” and then realised what I was doing and hung up. So someone is going to go into work tomorrow and check their messages, and there’s going to be a call from my work with that as the message.

2. I hit reception and then had to be transferred to the person I was calling for, only to get to her and have her think that the call was from her coworker and not me. So she answered the call singing some hilarious little song, only to be met with “hi, my name is Olivia and I’m calling on be half of…” She burst the fuck out laughing, as did I. I was barely able to get through the call because we were both laughing so hard at what had just happen. And I had to tell her the call was being recorded, which just made the hysterics we were in worse. Finally, I get near the end of the call and tell her that people barely actually listen to the calls, only to go tell my manager to go listen to the funniest phone call he’ll ever listen to after I had ended it.

Working at a call centre isn’t too bad, I must say.

Fuck me, today’s going to be so long. Hopefully I go to bed with a lease signed though.

Maybe I actually will though, since I’ll be showing up to see an apartment with all my shit and money.

Got a stellar reference letter from my landlord and bought new nail polish. Today ended a whole lot better than I was expecting it to. Maybe I’ll finally be able to slow the fuck down and relax come May.


Fake Pockets: A How To

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420 is on Easter Sunday

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Iggy Azalea - Fancy ft. Charli XCX

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