I’ll catch up eventually.

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what i wore to quit my job ~

except you know, like, the cheap versions of all that shit

I quit my job and they were totally cool with it and said I can come back whenever I need to BUT I QUIT MY CALL CENTRE JOB IM FREE I NO LONGER NEED TO CONTEMPLATE SUICIDE OR STARE AT BLANK COMPUTER SCREENS




We had the cameras rolling for three years and put it all into a 2 hour documentary.

This looks fantastic.

And Barack Obama be scared of me
Cause I don’t swallow knowledge and I spit it for free
So let me clear my throat
Huah ha haa

I also just decided that I’m not drinking until my 22nd birthday so I can stop wasting all my money on alcohol and mcdonalds

Ugh I hate my job so badly I just wanna get laid off and get EI so I can WORK ON MY LINE AND ACTUALLY ENJOY MY LIFE INSTEAD OF COUNTING THE SECONDS



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